How to get to Bonaire

How to get to Bonaire.

Get Certified

Get Certified

How to get to Bonaire.  If you live in Atlanta, there is one nonstop but many ways to get to the capital of scuba diving.

Delta has nonstop flights from Atlanta to Bonaire (BON) on Saturday, the prices can vary from a high of $1300+ to a low of $730 for a roundtrip ticket.  If you are paying with SkyMiles you can get RT starting at 45,000 miles.

The choices for U.S. and Canadian travelers flying to Bonaire continue to change. Many of these airline alternatives require knowledge of schedules, days of operation, gateway cities and routing to successfully navigate and find the most viable choice for your travel plans. There is no one ‘right’ or ‘best’ way to get here.

  • United Airlines from Newark and Houston Friday before midnight arriving Saturday morning. $$
  • Delta Airlines from Atlanta on Saturday morning. $$$
  • Insel Airlines from Miami to Bonaire Daily. $
  • American Airlines to Curacao or Aruba connect on Divi Divi or Dutch Antilles Express. $

Don’t wait until the last moment to book your trip…..See you at the 1000 steps.