Getting Around Bonaire

Getting Around

Getting Around

One of the great things about Bonaire is the shore diving. So you can definitely don’t want to be “car-less” during your stay on the island.  That said, trucks, sedans, 4 wheelers,bikes and motorcycles are readily available – scroll down for more information

Do I Need a Vehicle?
Yes, try to find a local rental agency, you will pay less than with the typical US rental agencies.

Are there Taxi’s?

Local Tip: If you are staying at a rental house or outside of town, and plan to use a taxi later that night, call in advance, as taxis are more difficult to obtain after dark. The same goes for if you are heading out to dinner, arrange earlier in the evening for the taxi to come get you at a certain time.

Bike Rental?

Bikes are about $5 per day and you can get a weekly discount.