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Scuba Gear DON’Ts

By Megan Denny Avoid these dive gear “don’ts” to ensure your equipment investment lasts a long time. These simple tips can save you thousands on gear replacement or repair. For example: Don’t let your gear dangle – It’s bad for your equipment and can harm fragile marine life. Secure that alternate regulator close …read more […]

Sri Lanka’s Incredible Must-See Dive Sites

By Sarah Wormald The island of Sri Lanka is a paradise for scuba divers. With almost 1600 km/994 miles of coastline to explore, there is no shortage of phenomenal diving opportunities. From exceptional wreck dives through to vibrant, healthy coral reefs which are teeming with life, there is an array of dive sites …read more […]

Our Favorite Scuba Diving Memes

By Emily Bates PADI Divers and PADI Staff love memes (pronounced “meem”). Here are a few we’ve enjoyed passing around the office. Memes About Diving The Sea is Calling – Don’t send this one to voicemail… The Office – If Creed can’t scuba, what has this all been about? View this …read more Source:: PADI […]

5 Tips To Help Preserve Our Wrecks for the Future

By Cathy Evans Many wrecks — like Scapa Flow’s battleships — bear the scars from exciting or tragic histories, and divers flock to get a first-hand glimpse. Some wrecks hold cultural importance, attracting archaeological research and protection, while others may have been purposefully sunk to provide a new home for the ocean’s flora …read more […]

5 Common Reasons Your Friends Aren’t Diving Yet (But Should Be)

By Tara Bradley Connell From claustrophobia to a fear of sharks, people give a lot of reasons why they won’t get scuba certified. Here’s a list of some of the most common hesitations people face and how to address them head-on. Who knows? Your non-diving best friend may end up being your next dive …read […]

AmbassaDiver Manu Bustelo takes the PADI Instructor Development Course

By Cathy Evans Becoming a PADI Instructor is a dream career for many divers, so we spoke to AmbassaDiver, Manu Bustelo about the Instructor Development Course he took last year… What was it that inspired you to become a PADI Instructor? The ocean and all of its creatures. Really, the little that we …read more […]

Best Octopus Halloween Costumes

By Ocean Allison Any diver that’s had the opportunity to observe an octopus while exploring the underwater world knows how truly unique and incredible these eight armed invertebrates are. With so many remarkable characteristics – like eight arms, nine brains, three hearts, blue blood, and the ability to change the color and texture …read more […]

3 Reasons to learn to Dive in the Maldives

By Lisa Stentvedt I have been lucky enough to travel to, and learn to dive in, the Maldives, a bucket list destination for many travelers (and divers). The island nation will always hold a very special place in my heart, because it was there that I discovered scuba diving. Prior to the trip, …read more […]

GoPro Editing Tips for Beginners From The Bucket List Family

By Megan Denny What’s the secret to turning raw GoPro footage into an inspiring video? The Bucket List Family dad and video editor Garrett Gee shares his top tips to help PADI Divers win $2,000 US or a GoPro package in the PADI® | GoPro Evolution contest. PADI | GoPro Evolution Contest Part …read more […]

How to Start a Local Ban on Plastic Bags

By Tara Bradley Connell The movement to ban plastic bags is quickly gaining ground, with California, Oregon and Hawaii banning them statewide, and the island of Bali following suit. But it’s not spreading fast enough. Here’s how to get your city or state to join in. Step One: Education The fight against plastic bags …read […]

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