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April Calendar for Staying Engaged with the Underwater World

By Sarah Morlock As many parts of the world are currently staying at home to minimize the spread of COVID-19, educators, divers and non-profit organizations are doing everything they can to keep us engaged with the ocean. So, we’ve put together this calendar of scuba-related activities you can do each day this …read more Source:: […]

Instagram Alert: 7 Incredible Freediving Photos in Indonesia

By Sarah Russell While we’re all at home and reigniting our addiction to social media, let’s check out some seriously scroll-stopping images to virtually explore the world from our living rooms. So, wherever you are, kick-back and enjoy a taste of freediving photos in Indonesia. View this post on Instagram A post shared …read more […]

Community, Connections and Distant Socializing 

By Drew Richardson COVID-19 is the first crisis since World War II to rock almost everyone’s world almost everywhere. It’s unsettling, and we worry about what the future holds. Life feels dark. Unhealthy emotions run the gamut, from despair to overwhelming anxiety. Some of us are effectively locked and isolated because we test …read more […]

18 Ways to Cope When You Can’t Go Diving

By Megan Denny Stuck indoors? Feeling like your gills are drying out? We totally understand. Whether you need a quick break from the news, ideas to keep your kids entertained, or a total escape from reality, here are a few ways to cope when you can’t get in the water. Looking for a …read more […]

Coming Together in Crisis

By Drew Richardson Dear Friend, For our beloved diving family, our friends, and associates in the diving industry across the world, the impact and disruption from COVID-19 is like nothing we have ever seen before. We are bombarded daily by a growing despair, and we wrestle with the fear of what life ahead …read more […]

Seeking Adventure During Disruptive Times

By Drew Richardson The outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted communities and businesses globally. As I write this, how fast it will spread and what we’ll have to do in response long and short term isn’t yet fully clear, but it’s greatly affecting life now and probably will for a good while. Understandably, dive …read more […]

Must-Dive Sites in North and South America

By Megan Denny Feeling unsure about your next diving holiday? Sorting through the many great places in the world to dive can feel overwhelming. If you’re like most divers, you want to go somewhere with great visibility, lots of marine life, and not too many people. No worries, friends. We have you covered. …read more […]

What Happens to Recyclables?

By Tara Bradley Connell Many of us are diligent about doing our part to make our planet clean. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans recycle 66 million tons of material per year. But what happens to your recyclables after they hit the curb? Thanks to single-stream collection and sorting, recycling has gotten even …read […]

Top 4 Diving Destinations You Probably Haven’t Heard Of in Europe and the Middle East

By Megan Denny Some divers prefer a diving holiday where every detail is taken care of by a dive resort or liveaboard crew, but others prefer the road less travelled. If you’re looking for diving destinations with great diving and fewer people, here are few to consider. Oman In some areas of the …read more […]

Where to Dive in the Philippines – Liveaboard Or Land-Based

By Megan Denny Diving in the Philippines can be overwhelming – in the best possible way. Whether you want to explore historic wrecks, dive technicolor reefs, swim with whale sharks, or photograph rare animals – you can do it all in the Philippines. Check out what filmmaker and PADI AmbassaDiver™ Claude Evangelista has …read more […]

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